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About Us:

Fix (IT) Chix is a woman-owned computer/repair shop where we take pride in keeping as many devices out of the landfills as we can. Electronic waste is an issue we need to think about. If we can make repairs affordable, then we can help with this issue in our own little way.

We repair smartphones, tablets, laptops, and game consoles. We offer solder services as well for things like key fobs or broken wires and more.

If you decide not to repair your old or broken devices, we will gladly accept them for recycling and harvesting of useful parts. If you have old devices you don’t need or use anymore, we can donate them for you as well. Please contact us for more details

32 E. McGovern Ave. Lancaster, PA 17602

Second floor directly above the Comic Store


Our Services

We diagnose and repair a full range of device issues:

Cell Phone & Tablet Repairs

iPhones, Androids, Windows Phones, and More

Laptops & Desktops

Windows, Mac, & Linux Operating Systems

Gaming Consoles

PlayStations, Xboxs, Nintendo Consoles, Mobile Consoles, and More

Phone & Tablet Repair

From iPhone to Android, we’re here to fix any phone repair need you could have! 

Computer & Laptop Repair

We work on an array of operating systems for software issues, as well as a variety of manufacturers for hardware issues!

Hardware Repairs

Broken Screens, Broken Hinges/Lids or Palm Rests, Port Soldering, Button Replacements

Hardware Upgrades

Hard Drives, RAM, Graphic Cards, CD/DVD-RW installations, sound/video card installations

Software Repairs

Data Transfers, Blue Screen of Death, Infected PC, Slow System, Network Issues, Error Mesages

And Much More!

PC Tune-Up, File Backup, Mouse/Keyboard, Network/Wifi Card, Power Jacks, System Restore, Email Problems

Gaming Console Repair

We’ve seen it all when it comes to consoles. Bring in your Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, or other consoles to get back in the game

Soldering HDMI Ports

disk drive repair or replacements

Software OS installs or updates

cleaning the fans and other components

controller repairs and cleaning

Charge port repairs

Power supply replacement

And Much More!

10,000+ Happy Customers

See Why We’re One of The Top Rated Electronic Repair Shops in the Area. Get Started with Us Today!

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